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Why wood?

ahşaplogo1Wood is a great material for buildings. Let’s compare wood with high-tech products as steel and concrete shortly.

Wood can carry more weight than steel and concrete. 25 m. Open area doesn’t require a column if it’s built with wood.

Wood has a natural strong resistance against earthquakes.

Wood gets the highest mark in resistance to chemical and hard weather conditions.

According to the British standards, the lifetime of the wooden sticks which used in electricity and communication lines are 50 years, the wooden filling that used in water towers are 30 years, and the wooden highway bridges are 50 years. Carbonization problem stroke a giant hit on to ferroconcrete sector which once believed to be the perfect solution last years.

Contrary to common beliefs, wood is more durable than steel when it comes to conflagration. Today in U.S.A, just in case a possible fire problem, giant sport complexes prefer wood. And in Germany the steel constructions are being covered by wood today.

Researches made on conflagrations and statistics state clearly that wood ıs one of the safest products. Fire never starts because of wood. And also wood has heat proof function so wood can stand in big conflagrations.

Wooden buildings are designed to resist 30-90 min. in fire. But bare steel construction can only resist 10 min. to a fire. And it collapses without a pre warning.ahsaplogo2

Wood is the only building material that can be renewed. When you think about the low energy needs to operate (50 times less than aluminum), low costs, high heat isolation functions, wood is the best answer to our environment and energy problems.

Contrary to common beliefs, using wood makes forests live more. We can see this in the countries which prefer wood more and also GREEN PEACE recommends wood.

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