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çatı sistemleri1We maintain our accumulations and experiences in construction market from 1983 on to today. And after 2002 we started manufacturing roof-cover products and isolation products which we have profession on them. In every single area we serve, we have guaranteed applications, high standard solutions, aesthetic appearances and high quality equipment. We cooperate with the leading isolation manufacturers all around the country.
We combine our experience and profession in roof-covering and isolation Works with qualified product-work and satisfied customer trio. Roof is the most important part of a building. It makes buildings look great. And it is as important as basic isolation.

Wrong assembled roofs or the roofs without water and thermal isolation comes with a lot of problems. Not only water but also thermal isolation must be constructed on to the roofs. Because the 30% of heat loss is from roof. Our company constructs both water and thermal isolation which keep building warm in winters and cold in summers.
We know why right product must be used in right types of roof. That’s why we have a wide portfolio of roof equipment. Because we know that the solution is hidden in details and details are indicators of difference.

Our company has a profession in roof-works. We undertake the labor fee and the costs of equipment needed. We are a renown company which applies brick, shingle and sheet iron on wood and steel roofs. In addition we construct isolation on to old buildings; we repair and cover old roofsçatı sistemleri3

Wood and Steel Camellia- Pergola Systems

Our mission is to make buildings look beautiful and precious. So if you want to decorate buildings in modern and classic styles and/or if you want to renew the wood or steel decorations in your Project to an experienced team, we are here to help as Onur Construction Company.

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