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peyzaj1An architect designs a building and projects it. And there are also gardens, roadways, walls, fountains, pools and sets outside a building.

These are outdoor Projects. The designer must have the qualities such as knowledge of a building, aesthetics, statics, hydrology, technique of drawing and dendrology.

We call outdoor projects which designed by those who have these qualities, Landscape Architecture.

Landscape Architecting

When you look at somewhere from a point, everything you see in a frame is called landscape,
Landscape is a view where you can see forest area, agricultural area and an area where in you live in an imaginary frame,
Landscape is the total topographic system of an area,
Landscape Architecting is a developing branch between the nature and human beings.
The World we live in has pavements, parks, natural paths for walking and gardens. What we do is, turning your feelings into shape you want to see.
Our Operations

  • Garden illumination
  • City furniture and furniture for kids
  • Planning, designing and applying
  • Hard surface applications
  • Watering
  • Artificial stone and water falls
  • Other applications
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