Onur Construction – Landmark Architecture – About Us

The Profile of our Company

Our company founded in 1983 as a metal works workshop.  We first manufactured heating devices and then we started manufacturing and assembling rain-water carry systems. And following the newest technologies in 2002 we started manufacturing seamless gutter systems.

Our company’s headquarter is in Konya-Akşehir and have we have always been a leading company in our region with our experienced employee. After 2006 we added roof-covering, isolation and building-block sales in our works. And by the first months of 2010 we opened a branch office in Antalya and we added landmark design to our serious for our precious customers with our experienced employee

Our Vision

Our company aims maintaining guarantied and economical solutions in our professional works firstly in our region and then in Turkey.

Customer satisfaction comes first for us. So with our expert and smiley faced employee we aim to carry our trade connections into a friendship and to design perfect places for your precious family.

Our Mission

Always being innovational with following the newest technology.

In Construction and Landmark Architecture sector

Always keeping Onur Construction’s identity which is a symbol of “trust” in top.

To provide the best solutions to our customers’ expectations

To provide customer satisfaction

Increasing our market price.

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